Call Don’t Click Update: Appendix C – Additional information on the misspelled domains

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The majority of the imposter domains discussed in this report belong to companies or individuals associated with “pay per click” marketing schemes. This is evidenced by the nameservers the domains are hosted on.

Imposter Domain Name Servers

The nameservers,,, and belong to Internet companies that park and redirect domains for the purposes of getting “ad clicks.” These nameservers occur again and again among the imposter domains.

Here are some of the other name servers that occur in the domains mentioned in this appendix, and the companies the name servers appear to belong to:

Domain Sponsor name servers:

Enom name servers:

GoDaddy name servers:

Budget Names name servers:

Domain Hop name servers:

Experian Name Servers

In the February 2005 report, researchers noted that and other misspelled domain names were registered by proxy, or anonymously. These anonymous domains were hosted on nameservers with the name “” is an Experian company, thus tying this and other domains to Experian. After publication of the first report, Experian confirmed its ownership of the domains.

The World Privacy Forum has learned that approximately 200 domains have reportedly been taken out by at least two of the credit bureaus. To the best of the World Privacy Forum’s current knowledge, none of the domains taken out by the credit bureaus are online with the exception of the official site. This means that even though the credit bureaus have purchased the non-official domains, the credit bureaus do not have active sites on the Web based on the non-official domain names at this time. According to the credit bureaus, these domains were taken out with the intent of stopping fraud. [43]

Domain Information

To find domain ownership information, check the WHOIS directory. < .>



Roadmap: Call Don’t Click Update – Still be smart about ordering federally mandated free credit reports: Appendix C: Additional information on the misspelled domains


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