Call Don’t Click Update: Discussion – Imposter Domains That Are Online and Active

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During the research period ending June 30 2005, Researchers uncovered 233 total imposter domains, 112 of which at the time of research were online and were actively engaging consumers in a way that was either fraudulent, confusing, or deceptive.

During research for this report, some of the imposter domains changed status and sometimes even names every couple of hours. Also during research for this report, the total number of imposter domains increased incrementally every week.

If this pattern continues, there is a good probability that more misspelled domains already exist, or will be registered in the future. [40] There is also the possibility that the live and non-live domains will continue to shift. This list of domains should be viewed as a snapshot in time for the period of June, 2005.

Research Note: Two domain names, and came up twice; once upon discovery and once during a complete check. These domain names were left off of the final list of active domains because after resolving upon discovery, they did not resolve a minimum of two additional times during complete checks, which is the minimum requirement for a site’s inclusion on the list.





[40] The research period for this report ended June 30, 2005. However, for informational purposes, the last check of the total number of imposter domains was July 12, 2005. This check revealed 240 imposter domains, which is in line with researchers’ findings that the number of registered imposter domains continues to creep upward.



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