Financial Privacy

Call Don’t Click Update: Appendix A – Consumer Responses to the February 25, 2005 Report

Since the publication of its first Call Don’t Click report in February 2005, the World Privacy Forum has received follow-up consumer queries concentrated in three areas:

The identity verification process for the site and phone system is another area where there has been consumer feedback.

Call Don’t Click Update: Appendix D – Archive of relevant privacy policies

Report home | Read the report (PDF) | Previous section | Next section   (Available for the online version of the report only.) TransUnion site privacy policy: PDF TransUnion standard privacy policy: PDF Experian site privacy policy: PDF Experian standard privacy policy: same as above. Equifax privacy policy: PDF Equifax standard privacy

Call Don’t Click Update: Appendix E – Imposter sites associated with Domain Sponsor

Domain Sponsor is a pay-per-click company that hosts an unusually high number of imposter sites. Here is a list of imposter sites specifically tied to Domain Sponsor. These listings were current during the research period ending June 30, 2005.