Consumer Fraud Alert: Bogus Job Ads Pose Potential Harm to Consumers

The World Privacy Forum and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse have become aware of a nationwide job scam currently in action. We are advising job seekers to avoid any response to job ads coming from Macrocommerce Intersales and to be aware of the high potential for financial fraud and /or identity theft if they have already responded to job ads from this company.

Call Don’t Click Update: Still be smart about ordering federally mandated free credit reports

The World Privacy Forum cautions consumers who qualify [1] to order a federally mandated free annual credit report [2] to ensure that they take common-sense computer safety steps before ordering their credit report online. [3] If consumers are unsure about any aspect of securing their computers, calling for a credit report via the official toll free number (877-322-8228) is a good option, as is mailing in for the report. [4] Both the phone and the mail options generally expose consumers to fewer potential hazards than the online option. [5]