Call Don’t Click: Appendix B – Additional information on the misspelled domains

This appendix lists abbreviated information on the misspelled domains and includes the nameservers, dates, and registrars of the misspelled domains. Several domains are self- explanatory, but a note should be added as to why some misspelled domain names are attached to the credit bureau Experian.

Timeline: The evolution of a job scam

Job applicant rights and privacy — This visual timeline chronicles a year of a job scam. The timeline documents the cities the fake jobs were targeting, dates the jobs posted, the various company names the scam operated under, and the contact names used in the scam. The job scam timeline is documented with screen shots of the job listings and how they looked as posted. The scam is still active.

Consumer fraud alert: job scams

Consumer Alert — The World Privacy Forum and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse have become aware of a nationwide job scam currently in action. We are advising job seekers to avoid any response to job ads coming from Unk Electronics, Macrocommerce Intersales, and Nanjing Panada Electronics, and to be aware of the high potential for financial fraud and or identity theft if they have already responded to job ads from these companies.