U.S. Department of Commerce

New Report on US Department of Commerce Privacy Track Record

Department of Commerce and Safe Harbor — New Report The World Privacy Forum published a new report today that evaluates the US Department of Commerce’s work on privacy protection for consumers, given its role overseeing such critical programs as the US/EU Safe Harbor data agreement. The report, The US Department of Commerce and International Privacy Activities: Indifference and Neglect, identifies a number of issues of concern regarding the Department’s privacy programs, most particularly, the current Safe Harbor framework. The report’s analysis find that three separate studies consistently show that many and perhaps most Safe Harbor participants are not in compliance with their obligations under Safe Harbor.

Public Comments: May 2006 – US Civil Society Organizations (CSO)

EPIC filed comments with the Department of Commerce, which the World Privacy Forum joined. The Office of Technology and Electronic Commerce solicited comments on the development and implementation on “cross-border privacy rules” in the Asia PacificEconomic Cooperation Group (APEC). Seven groups submitted the comments on behalf of civil society organizations (CSO) in the United States concerned about privacy in order to urge the strengthening of privacy rules in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Group.