Brookings Institute Privacy Discussion

WPF will be participating in a Brookings Institute event April 9, as an invited discussant of Brookings Senior Fellow Benjamin Wittes and Wells Bennett’s work on the tension between privacy and data-driven innovation, and new paradigms of privacy. Leading policy makers, business officials, and thought leaders will be participating. April 9, 2014, 6 p.m. Brookings

WPF to Guest Lecture, Georgetown University

Pam Dixon will be a guest lecturer for Dr. Mark MacCarthy’s Information Privacy & Security course at Georgetown University on March 19, 2014. The topic will be modern privacy and data flows. For more information about this course, see:

Federal Trade Commission Holding Alternative Scoring Conference; WPF Speaking

Pam Dixon will be speaking at the Federal Trade Commission’s conference on Alternative Scoring on March 19, 2014, discussing consumer aspects of alternative scoring. Scoring is a data broker issue that few know about yet. This conference is among the first to look closely at scoring products and legal frameworks, and the impacts on consumers.

Consumer Federation of America’s Consumer Assembly to tackle Data Broker Discussion; WPF panelist

WPF will be participating at the CFA Consumer Assembly March 20, 2014 discussing the important and timely topic of data broker regulation. Panelists are Pam Dixon, WPF; Jennifer Barrett-Glasgow, Acxiom; Rachel Nyswander Thomas, Direct Marketing Association, and Chris Olsen, FTC. Panel description from CFA: Should Consumer Data Brokers be Regulated? Aided by technology, data brokers

WPF speaking at IAPP Global Privacy Summit — NTIA mobile short form privacy notice

  WPF will be speaking at and co-moderating a pre-conference workshop at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit. Co-moderater will be Jim Halpert of DLA Piper. Session description: NTIA Mobile App MS Process: Definitive Information, Insight, and Advice from the Core Drafting Group and the NTIA facilitator This preconference workshop is an in-depth discussion of the