New CSS rules


“Strong” and “em” and “cite” and “code” already have rules written for the ID called “center”.


p — By calling the toll free number

em — instead of visiting the online site,

strong — consumers are also protected

cite — from the potentially confusing

samp — sales and marketing information

dfn — at the official free annual

var — credit report site.

code — By calling the toll free number instead

kbd — of visiting the online site, consumers


The World Privacy Forum (em) urges consumers who qualify (strong) for ordering a federally (cite) mandated free credit report to call the toll free 800 XXXaddnumberXXX number instead of ordering their free credit report (samp) online. Calling the toll free number (dfn) does not expose consumers to harm. However, consumers who try to use (var) the official online site may encounter numerous challenges, some of them potentially serious.

The following code is tagged with “kbd” around all. It uses “var” for the keywords emphasis. I did not use “code” because it indents and I had to use “br” tags to keep the long lines from widening the page

(kbd) <script language=”Javascript” src=”http://
report+online (var) &offensiveness=0&srch=11091018