Job Application Kiosks: Kiosk Industry Recommendations

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• Kiosks and the retailers that use them must prominently post OECD-compliant privacy policies. The privacy policy should cover the third party running the kiosk as well as the retailer handling the applicant data.

• Employers must take responsibility for FCRA compliance.

• If an applicant does not want to apply using an online system, a paper alternative should be readily available to them at each and every retail location with a Unicru-powered kiosk or any other kind of kiosk.

• Employers should provide applicants with a way of printing out and retrieving the information they have supplied to the employer upon request, and they should be told that this is available to them and encouraged to avail themselves of this opportunity.

• The HR-XML consortium needs to re-open its technical background check specifications and fully incorporate the internationally accepted OECD guidelines.

Kiosks are not an inherently negative technology. But without meaningful privacy policies, Kiosks at this time represent a negative development in the job search industry. With the number of kiosks growing rapidly, this is an area that needs to be examined before negative consumer privacy practices become ingrained.

Kiosks, their associated Web sites at retailers, and the retailers themselves need to commit themselves to fully implementing the full Fair Information Principles as outlined by the Internationally agreed upon OECD 1980 guidelines. And if retailers and others are going to use kiosks and associated Web sites that make certain claims about FCRA compliance, they must follow those claims up meaningfully and “groundtruth” compliance.



Roadmap: Job Application Kiosks – Why is there less privacy for retail workers?:  C. Kiosk Industry Recommendations


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