Consumer Alert: Important New Consumer Tips for Target Data Breach


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The World Privacy Forum has become aware of an issue with the Target data breach notification letters, and we want to make sure you know about it, too. Target is sending its data breach notices to consumers by email. Please be aware that it could be very easy for you to have missed the original Target data breach letter. We have now received several calls from people who do not remember giving their email address to Target, but have nonetheless received an emailed data breach notification by email. We are concerned that many people may have inadvertently deleted or have not received this important email.

Our tips:

  1. Search your main email account for a Target letter. The subject line of the data breach letters we have seen reads: ” Subject: Important message from Target to our guests

  2. Check your junk or spam mail folders.

  3. Check your alternate or little-used email addresses — several consumers have told us the breach letter went to an old or little-used email address.

  4. If you do not find a breach letter from Target, and you know you have shopped there last fall or winter, we recommend that you contact Target and check your status with them.

  5. You can find additional information and FAQs about the Target data breach at Target has also issued a phone number for breach victims to call, that is:  866-852-8680.

There is an April 23 initial deadline for starting the credit monitoring offer from Target, so please check your email folders and if in doubt, contact Target to see if you may have missed an email from them. If you have any questions about your Target data breach notification email, you can also call us for assistance at 760-712-4281 or email us at