Freshly Updated Security Freeze Resource Page


We have updated our Resource Page on security freezes. A security freeze is a little-known but important tool to help fight identity theft problems.

credit freeze (sometimes called a security freeze) lets you stop the disclosure of your credit report by a credit bureau. Currently, the three credit bureaus are allowing all consumers nationwide to set a security freeze for a fee. All US states have specific security freeze laws; a list of states with security freeze laws may be found on our full security freeze page. Some state laws allow for free security freezes.

The result of a credit freeze should be that neither you nor anyone else can open a new credit account in your name. (A freeze will not stop your existing credit cards from working.) A credit freeze can also prevent insurance companies or employers from obtaining your credit data. That’s why if you are actively seeking new employment or insurance, you may want to think carefully about enacting a credit freeze unless you are currently a victim of identity theft.

A credit freeze can be especially helpful to individuals who are having persistent problems with identity theft. Credit freeze is not for everyone, but if you have persistent issues with someone opening accounts in your name, a credit freeze is a useful tool.

Read more about credit or security freeze at WPF’s Security Freeze Page.