WPF celebrates launch of Harvard’s Technology Science Journal, WPF’s Executive Director on editorial board

August 11, 2015


San Diego — Today Harvard University’s Data Privacy Lab launched an important new academic journal, The Journal of Technology Science. The new journal focuses on the intersection of technology and its various impacts on society. The journal is examining this topic in breadth and depth,  explaining on its web site: “The scientific study of technology-society clashes is a cross-disciplinary pursuit, so papers in Technology Science may come from any of many possible disciplinary traditions, including but not limited to social science, computer science, political science, law, economics, policy, or statistics.” The journal is led by Harvard Professor Latanya Sweeney, and launched at techscience.org with five impressive articles.

WPF’s Executive Director Pam Dixon has been named to the editorial board of Technology Science. “I am extremely honored to be serving on the editorial board of Technology Science,” said WPF’s executive director Pam Dixon. “Dr. Sweeney has already made invaluable contributions to documenting and understanding data flows, including in the area of privacy, and the new journal she is leading at Harvard stands to become an important addition to her and the Data Lab’s positive impact.”

Technology Science writes on its site:

Today, there is a common false belief that in order for society to reap the benefits of new technologies, society must choose between innovative benefits or historical protections from harms. How can society enjoy new benefits without harms? Sometimes technology should bend to protect historical norms. Other times, historical norms need to evolve. Who decides? What should the decision be? The primary purpose of Technology Science is to promote these important investigations.

The launch of Technology Science brings an important forum for such discussions and investigations to occur.

The first five articles at Technology Science include: