WPF at RightsCon to Present on Digital Identity, Digital Rights


We are honored to be speaking on two panels at this year’s RightsCon, an event that takes place 29-31 March in Brussels, Belgium. Both of our panels will be on the 31 of March. Here is some additional reading and information for each of the panels:

Panel 1: Managing Concerns Around Digital Identity, Fri, 9:00-10:15, Innovation, 1st Floor

-We will be referring to two key documents, Digital Identity, The Essential Guide. by Dr. Joseph Atick, available for free download here: Digital Identity, Digital Identity: The Essential Guide.

-We will also be discussing the new Joint Document on Identity Prinicples, the first global e-ID consensus documents for the developing world: Principles on Identification for Systainable Development

Panel 2: Digital Rights Under Trump: Can Left and Right Join Forces? Fri, 16:00-17:00, Stoclet, Ground Floor

-We will be referring to the FCC broadband privacy decision, this op-ed by Chris Hoofnagle and FTC Commissioner McSweeney is the best backgrounder on why the FCC protections were crucial: Congress is About to Give Away Your Online Privacy, FTC Commission McSweeney and Chris Hoofnagle, for Wired. 

-We will also be referring to some new research in AI that we have done as follow up to our Scoring of America report. The report is here: The Scoring of America, by Pam Dixon and Robert Gellman. 

All panels will be held at the Crowne Plaza Brussels Le Palace. For complete details about this year’s RightsCon, see the program booklet: https://www.rightscon.org/cms/assets/uploads/2017/03/RightsCon-Brussels-2017-Official-Program.pdf.