AI systems developed in response to COVID-19: Survey

During the pandemic, health ecosystems have changed dramatically. WPF has been engrossed in researching these changes, and is participating in multiple stakeholder groups assessing the impact of the pandemic on privacy interests. One of our activities is in the OECD AI Observatory, where we are a delegate in the ONE AI working group on implementing trustworthy AI.

Currently, the AI Observatory has an open survey that is of interest to stakeholders who have developed one or more AI systems in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This survey will assist the OECD in creating an interoperable classification of these systems and observing best practices as well as use cases. The survey is open until August 2, 2021 and will take 15-25 minutes to complete.

The data collected from this survey will be shared in an open access GPAI labeled repository. The data will be part of a “living repository” to facilitate knowledge sharing of the systems using AI in the pandemic response.

The survey is available at the OECD Observatory: