EConsumer.Gov: Improved and updated multi-national consumer complaint website

At the World Privacy Forum, consumers frequently approach us and ask us where they can complain about privacy and security issues. It is not unusual for us to hear about issues like online scams and phishing schemes that cross country borders. The website is designed to help consumers with exactly these sorts of issues. The

US Department of Commerce requests feedback on its new cybersecurity report

US Department of Commerce | Cybersecurity — The US Department of Commerce released a green paper on cybersecurity with recommendations for improving cybersecurity via self regulation, or voluntary codes of conduct. The report, Cybersecurity, Innovation, and the Internet Economy also contains a discussion of some privacy issues, such as the impact of data breach notification laws. Comments are due in 45 days.

WPF comments about Personal Health Records and online advertising

Health privacy — The World Privacy Forum filed comments today about how medical records and other health information is intersecting with online advertising and online activities. The WPF comments were filed with the Department of Health and Human Services in response to its request for comments on personal health records, privacy, and social media.