Patient’s Guide to HIPAA

Patient’s Guide to HIPAA – Basic Rights: E. Right to Receive an Accounting of Disclosures (FAQ 37 – 45)

FAQ 37: What’s an Accounting of Disclosures?
FAQ 38: Why Should I Care about Accounting of Disclosures?
FAQ 39: How Do I Make a Request for an Accounting of Disclosures?
FAQ 40: Who Has to Provide Me with an Accounting of Disclosures?
FAQ 41: What does it Cost to Obtain an Accounting of Disclosures?
FAQ 42: What are the Limitations of an Accounting of Disclosures?
FAQ 43: Why Bother Asking for an Accounting if It Has so Many Loopholes?
FAQ 44: Do I have Greater Rights under State Laws, Other Federal Laws, or Hospital Policies?
FAQ 45: What’s the Best Strategy for Making a Request?

Patient’s Guide to HIPAA – Basic Rights: F. Right to Complain to the Secretary of HHS (FAQ 46 – 50)

FAQ 46: Can I File a Federal Complaint about a HIPAA Problem?
FAQ 47: What Information Belongs in a Complaint?
FAQ 48: Will Filing a Complaint Really Help?
FAQ 49: What Should I do if I See a Privacy Violation?
FAQ 50: Should I Worry that a Covered Entity will Retaliate if I File a Complaint?

Patient’s Guide to HIPAA – Overview: Where Else Can I Find Help?

Roadmap: Patient’s Guide to HIPAA: Part 1: Learning About HIPAA (FAQ 2 of 65)

If you want the official view – as well as the text of the federal health rule known as HIPAA and related materials – go to the website of the Office of Civil Rights (you will often see this office referred to as its acronym, OCR) of the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) at The website offers fact sheets, FAQs, formal summaries of the HIPAA privacy rule, and more. The official materials are formal and even useful at times, but there is a lot to wade through. We seek to tell it like it is. The Office of Civil Rights tells it like it is supposed to be. Both views have relevance.