WPF Resources Page

WPF Resources Pages are curated pages that round up an edited selection key reports, comments, essays, videos, posts, news, and other information about core privacy topics.

WPF Resource Page: AnnualCreditReport.com

Landing page for Call Don’t Click: Why it’s smarter to order your federally mandated free credit reports via telephone, not the Interent. A report on www.annualcreditreport.com by the World Privacy Forum.

WPF Resource Page: Personal Health Records

PHRs have been promoted in recent years as being an empowering panacea of benefits for consumers, but there has been little meaningful discussion of the complex and serious privacy issues PHRs can raise. For example, very few consumers know that not all PHRs are protected by HIPAA, the federal privacy rule that applies to medical files held at, for example, hospitals.