Congressional Testimony: What Information do Data Brokers Have on Consumers?

Pam Dixon will be testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee December 18 at 2:30 pm Eastern. The hearing, held by Senator Rockefeller, who is chairman of the committee, focuses on data brokers, what information they are collecting from consumers, and what they are doing with the information. The hearing will take place after a year-long investigation into data brokers by the Committee. “Data brokers are an invisible and powerful force in many peoples’ lives,” said Pam Dixon. “It is the right time to be shedding light on what needs to be done to give consumers the tools and controls they need to shape the digital exhaust that fuels the data broker industry, often without consumers’ knowledge or choice.” Pam Dixon will be sharing her research on data brokers and suggesting solutions to the problems a lack of regulation in the industry has created, especially regarding sensitive information like health conditions and financial status.

Hearing information: 

Russell Senate Office Building

2:30 pm

For the Senate Commerce press release click here.

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