Consumer Federation of America’s Consumer Assembly to tackle Data Broker Discussion; WPF panelist

WPF will be participating at the CFA Consumer Assembly March 20, 2014 discussing the important and timely topic of data broker regulation. Panelists are Pam Dixon, WPF; Jennifer Barrett-Glasgow, Acxiom; Rachel Nyswander Thomas, Direct Marketing Association, and Chris Olsen, FTC.

Panel description from CFA:

Should Consumer Data Brokers be Regulated?

Aided by technology, data brokers are collecting massive and increasing amounts of information on consumer interests, lifestyles, finances, health, and social interactions. How are these data being analyzed? To whom are they being sold, and for what purposes? What access and control do consumers have? Should collection, sale, or use of certain types of information be restricted?

For more information, see CFA’s event brochure. 

The event will take place Thursday and Friday, March 20th and 21st, 2014 at the Embassy Suites Convention Center, Washington, D.C. 900 10th St. NW.

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