The Hague Conference on AI: WPF Participant

WPF participated in the Hague Conference on responsible Artificial Intelligence for Peace, Justice and Security on 19-20 November 2020. This event intends to gather feedback on challenges of AI, and possible solutions. The conference is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice and Security of the Netherlands, the City of the Hague.

Event Information:

Peace, Justice and Security in an AI world, 19-20 November 2020

Both the good and not-so-great examples have created a strong public awareness of the impact of AI on our societies. For example, AI can make courts more efficient by instantly converting speech to text, it can help predict the flows of immigration which in turn contributes to more effective policies and it can assist in peace building initiatives by making thorough models of important infrastructures such as clean water supply. On the other hand, ill-considered use of AI can lead to discrimination in the legal practice, make non-transparent impactful negative decisions on people’s lives and can be used for illegitimate purposes in cyber space.

What are the questions to be raised in 2021 on the emerging importance of AI regarding the domains of peace, justice and security when citizens are looking for a trusted, responsive, and inclusive society to live in. What needs to be answered to ensure the responsible use of AI in the justice system and its contribution to peacebuilding? While also assuring it is not being used to destabilize society. These questions will lay the foundation for the ongoing dialogue that follows.


Therefore, our invitation to you personally is to help us formulate the questions to be addressed in 2021, together with other high-level officials and other experts from governments, academic institutions, civil society and the private sector.


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