World Bank Group Data Privacy Day Event: WPF panelist

World Bank Group Data Privacy Day:
Privacy, Pandemics, Vaccine Passports, and Ethics in Data-Driven Decision-making

Friday, January 28th, 2022 11:30AM-12:30PM EST Virtual Panel Event

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic stretches deep into its second year and teeters on the verge of a third, more and more of the questions raised turn to the long-term: is the future of international mobility dependent on invasion of privacy? How can we observe the impact of the unvaccinated population efficiency and ethically? What projects need to be set into motion to ensure global recovery is rapid, equitable, and inclusive? As global society reaches a crossroad at many of these junctures, join a diverse array of authoritative voices on privacy, ethics, and medical relief as they examine these questions from all angles, from the academic to the operational and beyond.


Opening Remarks: Mr. Jorge Dajani, World Bank Group Chief Ethics Officer

  • Ms. Pam Dixon, Founder and Executive Director, World Privacy Forum
  • Professor Nicole Hassoun, Professor of Philosophy at Binghamton University
  • Mr. Vincent Cassard, Deputy Head of the Data Protection Office, International Committee of theRed Cross (ICRC)
  • Professor Sandra Wachter, Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University

Moderator: Ms. Tami Dokken, World Bank Chief Data Privacy Officer

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