2003 Job Search Privacy Study: Appendix A – Key Unicru Screens

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APPENDIX A. Unicru screens at Sports Authority



We are including only the screens from the first screen through the end of the background check and EEO compliance screens. A longer range of screens which includes a portion of the personality test is available by looking at the Sports Authority application site online.

Each segmented area represents one screen.

(Begin Screens)

You have chosen the English version of the employment application with a Skills Assessment in English. Do you want to proceed? (The other choice is an English application with a Spanish Skills Assessment.)

If you want to proceed, press Next

If NO, Press `EXIT` to start again.


Thank you for applying for employment with The Sports Authority. We are a DRUG FREE Workplace. We’ve created an open, friendly place to work where honesty, mutual respect, teamwork and high standards are valued.

The Sports Authority depends on our Associates to provide our customers with a friendly, courteous and fun experience so they will visit again. If this is the environment you are interested in sharing with us, then please complete the following application.

The Sports Authority will provide reasonable accommodation to complete the application upon request consistent with applicable law. By proceeding, you are indicating that you have carefully read and understand the preceding statement and are not requesting an accommodation. If you are requesting an accommodation, please exit the application and notify store management..

This application process will take between 10 & 40 minutes depending on the position you are applying for. Your application will remain active for 120 days. The Sports Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Before beginning the employment application, we will ask for your Social Security Number, contact information and consent to perform a background check.


Social Security Number

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you enter the correct Social Security Number. If you are not sure of your correct SSN, please verify it with your SSN card. DO NOT guess at the number or enter incorrect numbers such as 000 or XXX. You must have a valid SSN in order for The Sports Authority to process your application.
Zip Code:
SSN (ex.: 123-45-6789): – –
Confirm SSN: – –

Thank you for your interest in working at The Sports Authority. As a part of the pre-employment process, we require that a background check be performed on all applicants. Before beginning the Employment Application, you will be required to consent to a background check. Furthermore, this authorization shall be valid for any subsequent job related inquiries made during my employment with The Sports Authority, should I become employed with The Sports Authority. If you do not wish to consent to a background check, please exit the system now by pressing EXIT. Otherwise, to continue, please press NEXT below.

The next few screens describe the types of checks which may be performed and ask for your authorization to release criminal history information reports, private companies’ dishonesty, drug offense or violence reports, or credit bureau reports or motor vehicle reports as authorized under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).

The Sports Authority will make inquiries to Edge Information Management, Inc., a Consumer Reporting Agency, concerning your employment suitability and qualification.

You may contact Edge Information Management, Inc. at:

By Phone: 800-889-4473

By Mail: 1901 South Harbor City Blvd., Suite 401, Melbourne, FL 32901


Find contact information on Edge Information Management, Inc. using any computer connected with the World Wide Web at: www.edgeinformation.com

[ Please do not contact Edge Information Management, Inc. for the status of your employment application. Edge Information Management, Inc. does not have access to this information and will not be able to respond to your request.]

By selecting option 1, I confirm that I know how to access the Edge Information Management, Inc. web site listed above.

I know how to access the web site

I do not know how to access the web site

I understand that I have the right to withdraw my electronic consent to this Authorization and the right to update information needed to contact me at any time by notifying The Sports Authority store manager or person in charge at this location.

If you decide at any point during this application to revoke your electronic consent, you must sign a paper Authorization form in order to continue with the application.

I understand that I may receive a paper copy of this consent (authorizing a background check) at no cost for 60 days by contacting Unicru at 1-800-338-6321 or visiting www.unicru.com for contact information.

[Please do not contact Unicru for results of the Background Check. Unicru does not have access to the report and will not be able to respond to your request.]

FCRA Disclosure and Authorization

I understand that for employment purposes The Sports Authority will verify all or part of the information I give The Sports Authority. I hereby authorize The Sports Authority to procure a consumer report and make any inquiry into my credit history, motor vehicle driving record, criminal and civil records, prior employment (including contacting prior employers), education as well as other public record information. I understand that inquiries may include any incidents of dishonesty, violence or drug related offences. This authorization shall apply to pre-employment inquiries only.

Consent to Authorization in Electronic Form

I understand that I have the right to receive this disclosure and background check authorization (the “Authorization”) on paper and to consent in writing.

Please indicate your consent to receiving this Authorization in electronic form.

I Consent

I Do Not Consent
By entering the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number below you signify that you understand and agree to the terms outlined in the Authorization above. Otherwise, please exit the system now.
Are you applying for employment at a location in one of the following states?




None of the Above
You have a right to obtain a free copy of any investigative consumer report obtained by The Sports Authority by selecting number “2” below. The report will be provided to you within three business days after the report is provided to The Sports Authority. The report will be sent to the address you listed above.

No, I do not wish to receive a mailed copy of the report.

Yes, I would like to receive a mailed copy of the report. —-

Under section 1786.22 of the California Civil Code, you may view the file maintained on you by the consumer reporting agency named above during normal business hours. You may also obtain a copy of this file upon submitting proper identification and paying the cost s of duplication services, by appearing at the Consumer Reporting Agency identified above in person or by mail. You may also receive a summary of the file by telephone. The agency is required to have personnel available to explain your file to you and the agency must explain to you any coded information appearing in your file. If you appear in person, a person of your choice may accompany you, provided that this person furnishes proper identification.
Thanks! Please proceed to the next screen to begin the employment application.

< snip>

The following questions are completely voluntary. To comply with government regulations we must make a good faith effort to record this information on our applicants. Your answers will not be made available to anyone involved in the hiring process.

What is your race?

American Indian or Alaska Native


Black or African American

Hispanic or Latino

Native Hawaiian/ Other Pacific Islander

Caucasian or White





Thank you.



Roadmap: 2003 Job Search Privacy Study – Job Searching in the Networked Environment: Consumer Privacy Benchmarks: Appendix A – Key Unicru Screens


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