Announcing Senior Research Fellow, Avni Sinha

20 June 2024 — The World Privacy Forum is very pleased to announce Avni Sinha as a senior research fellow at the World Privacy Forum. She will be conducting research in the areas of data governance and privacy, public interest technology and policy, and AI. Avni comes to WPF from her role working with Dr. Latanya Sweeney at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School

Global Visualization of Countries with Data Privacy Laws, Treaties, or Conventions

Background and Methodology: The conceptualization and initial research for this global visualization began in 2020. The research sought to document the primary comprehensive data protection and privacy legislation at the national level of jurisdictions / countries, using original source documents and other primary sources, such as interviews. Key data protection and privacy treaties and conventions

Deputy director Kate Kaye attending ACM FAccT conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Deputy Director Kate Kaye is in Rio de Janeiro Brazil from 3-6 June to attend the leading conference on Artificial Intelligence and trustworthy AI in socio-technical systems, ACM’s Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (ACM FAccT). While at the conference, Kaye will be interviewing paper authors and leading AI experts for forthcoming WPF podcasts, and to inform additional work.

WPF advises NIST regarding synthetic content and data governance

WPF filed comments with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology regarding its draft governance plan regarding synthetic content. WPF’s comments focused on 7 recommendationsWPF’s comments focused on 7 recommendations ranging from technical to policy issues. One overarching recommendation was that NIST ensure that human rights were attended to in all of its plans. Additional recommendations include requesting that NIST attend to the risks of digital exhaust in metadata, ensure that biometric data is included in the guidance, among other recommendations.

ID4Africa’s 10th Annual General Meeting enters a new phase of growth and maturity: A perspective from Civil Society

ID4Africa celebrates its 10th Annual General Meeting this year in Cape Town, South Africa with a program that pushes against multiple boundaries and achieves a new breadth and greater inclusion of diverse stakeholders. ID4Africa’s AGM is easily the most significant identity conference in the world at this point. There are multiple reasons for this; an important one is that the knowledge content at ID4Africa is not replicated anywhere else. In the past, this knowledge base has been focused primarily around government stakeholders. This year, this roster will now carefully expand to civil society organizations that have been deeply involved with African ID systems to gather additional perspectives and foster cooperative dialogue.