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WPF Reports and Studies

The World Privacy Forum specializes in in-depth reports and research, including longitudinal research. WPF reports range from 6 months to one and a half years in their research. You can view our key reports, or you can view all of our reports.

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WPF Resource Pages 

Our core project areas have their own dedicated resource pages, or “landing pages.” These pages will help you find the most important material about our key topics quickly and easily, all in one glance. If you are new to our material, or just looking for the best of our material on the topic, these are the best place for you to start.

WPF Resource Page:

WPF Resource Page: Agency and Public Comments

WPF Resource Page: Behavioral Advertising and Privacy

WPF Resource Page: Cloud Computing and Privacy

WPF Resources Page: Genetic Privacy

WPF Resources Page: Job Scams

WPF Resource Page: Job Search Privacy

WPF Resource Page: Medical Identity Theft

WPF Resource Page: National Health Information Network 

WPF Resource Page: Personal Health Records

WPF Resource Page: State Security Freeze Laws and General Information

WPF Resource Page: The Workplace Privacy


Other WPF Documents

The World Privacy Forum publishes an array of other documents, such as research-focused timelines and issue briefs. For a complete listing see the Topics page.

WPF Testimony and Key Speeches (listed by date)

Only key testimony and speeches are listed here. For a more complete listing, see the Testimony category on this site. 


WPF Agency Comments

For a complete listing of World Privacy Forum agency work and comments, please see the Agency Comments Page.

WPF Consumer Tips, Guides, and FAQs.

Key World Privacy Forum consumer tips and Frequently Asked Questions.

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