National IDs Around the World — Interactive map

About this Data Visualization: This interactive map displays the presence of National IDs and electronic IDs, including biometric IDs, in countries globally. The raw dataset used to create the map data originates from the World Bank (See data sourcing below). This dataset covers high, middle and lower income countries.

How to use this map: There are two tabs to this map; the first tab shows National IDs globally, the second tab shows presence of electronic IDs globally, including partial electronic IDs. Hover over the shaded areas of the maps to see more information.

  • For the National ID map, shaded areas indicate a National ID presence. Hovering over the map, you will see the country name, and the year the ID was established.
  • Below the National ID map, you will find a text list of country name, name of the ID, and year the ID was established.
  • For the electronic ID map, in shaded areas you will see the name of the country, the shading indicates there is the presence of electronic ID. In text below the map, a check mark next to the country name indicates “yes” for the presence of electronic ID.

Data visualization by: John Emerson of Backspace, for World Privacy Forum.

Data source: World Bank ID4Development Data Set, 2017. Available at: No amendments or alterations to the data or metadata were made. The 2017 World Bank Data Set is an extremely robust dataset, of which the National IDs and electronic IDs are a subset.

More info about country income levels: A complete country list by income level is available as datasets. Middle and low income countries are available here: A complete list of high-income countries is available here:

Copyright: ©WPF under Creative Commons license 4.0 non-commercial International. This means that this information may be reproduced, with credit to World Privacy Forum, and the source URL included. Please contact us in advance of any use.

Nations with National IDs

National ID is Digitized

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