Online Job Scam: Credits

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Thank you to all of the job seekers who have contacted the WPF and shared their experiences with us. Without the UMAB victims’ information, researchers would have had much greater difficulty piecing together the puzzle this scam presented.

Thank you to Beth Givens and Jordana Beebe of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

Thank you to Michael Shamus of Utility Consumers Action Network.

Nick Corcodilos of alerted the WPF to the original iteration of the scam which was the scam researchers eventually selected for the longitudinal study. Without Nick Corcodilos, there would have been no substantial documentation of the UNK iteration of the UMAB scam, and maybe not even the Macrocommerce iteration.

DDT of provided researchers with technical and informational support.

DSP of Privacy Activism provided key insight and information.

Thanks to NACAA for generously allowing Pam Dixon the opportunity to discuss the UMAB scam at their national conference. The conversations at NACAA were helpful in gaining an understanding of the broad national impact of job fraud.

John Boak designed the timeline and was critical to the design of the visual presentation of the research information.



Roadmap: A Year in the Life of an Online Job Scam – A Longitudinal Study: IX. Credits


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