Online Job Scam: Timeline – The Evolution of a Job Scam

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This timeline tracks one job scam as it systematically wove its way through dozens of job sites over the course of a year and left multiple victims in its wake. Like a computer virus, the scam has evolved over time. It is an ugly evolution that has substantially harmed job seekers who have fallen victim to it.

The scam began sometime in August of 2003, and as of July 7 2004, is still active. Known names this scam goes under are Unk Electronics, Macrocommerce Intersales, Nanjing Panada*, Antares Electronics, Inc.*, BestElectrics, and Omega Inc. Although the names are different, the likelihood is a very strong that it is all the same job scam.

It is likely that there are many more postings of these jobs than are listed below, but these are the instances the WPF is able to document conclusively.

(Note for text version of report: “PDF” is noted in this text version of the report to denote where documentation of the job listing is available in PDF form. To view the timeline with PDF documentation of the postings, visit the HTML version of the report: The Evolution of a Job Scam.




COMPANY NAME posted a job at (job site name) — city job posted at: file download

The company names that the job ad was posted under are in bold. Names researchers have linked to this scam include Unk Electronics, Macrocommerce Intersales, Nanjing Panada Electronics, Omega Inc., BestElectrics, and Antares Electronics. Cities where the job were posted appear next to the name of the job site that posted the ad. Victim events are marked in red. Each posting has some form of corresponding documentation. Listings containing a “PDF” link are those listings that have screen shots of the job listings and/or the job ad. To see the job ad, click on the PDF link and the file will download. If a job was reposted after it was known to be fraudulent, “job reposting” appears next to the date.

For the complete report and findings about this scam, please see



July 16

UNK Electronics job scam makes first known appearance at PickaJob – job listing PDF

September 17

UNK Electronics, Inc. job scam posted at JobSpider- New York. job listing PDF

October 9

MACROCOMMERCE Intersales job posted at — Dallas, New York, Sacramento Full job ad PDF, Los Angeles; PDF.

Victim of UNK scam

Victim arrested, indicted for felony theft

November 11

MACROCOMMERCE posted at – Atlanta; PDF.

November 18

UNK CareerBuilder – Dallas, Oregon; PDF

November 18

UNK posted at Chicago Tribune (via CareerBuilder) ; Unk Chicago Trib listing PDF.

November 18 (approx.)

MACROCOMMERCE posted at – Phoenix, AZ; Phoenix PDF.

November 19

MACROCOMMERCE posted at CareerBuilder- San Francisco; PDF; New York, NY; PDF.

-Victim of Nanjing Panada Electronics

Limited harm.

-Victim of Nanjing Panada Electronics

Personal information stolen. Unknown consequences.

November 24

UNK posted at JobSpider – New York PDF. Jacksonville FL; PDF actual FL job ad ; PDF 2 of list; Houston Houston Job Ad PDF ; Nov. 24 JobSpider PDF ; Houston PDF 3. MACROCOMMERCE posted at Jobspider – Cincinnati; PDF

-Victim of UNK

-Victim of Nanjing Panada Electronics

November 25

MACROCOMMERCE posted at CareerBuilder – Los Angeles; PDF.

November 30

MACROCOMMERCE posted at CareerBuilder – Cincinnati.Full job ad PDF; Miami PDF.


December 1

MACROCOMMERCE posted at Preferred Jobs – Cleveland; PDF.

December 5

MACROCOMMERCE posted at CareerBuilder – Seattle PDF

December 10

WPF first learns of scam when it is contacted by Nick Corcodilos of about the scam via a jobseeker tip-off.

December 11

WPF begins research on the scam. Finds MACROCOMMERCE job active at Jobvertise – Miami; PDF. – Wash. D.C., Denver, San Francisco, Phoenix; PDF. The WPF found active postings (already detailed in the timeline) at CareerBuilder, Job Spider, Jobvertise, and PreferredJobs. WPF Notified CareerBuilder, Pickajob, JobSpider, Jobvertise, Preferred Jobs of job scam and requested it be taken down.

December 12

Publication of WPF Consumer Alert (Jobseekers warned of jobs from Macrocommerce Intersales, Unk Electronics.) Alert was posted to site, sent to media. Consumer alert: At the time the alert was published, the WPF only knew of job postings between November 20 and December 11, 2003.

Mid- December

NANJING posted at, Unk ad tried as Nanjing Panada Electronics (email, Monster job #19846633)

WPF notified by jobseeker of new scam name, Nanjing Panada Electronics. WPF Alert updated to include Nanjing Panada Electronics.



January 4; job reposting of Macrocommerce

MACROCOMMERCE reposted at CareerBuilder – Portland Maine Maine Job ad PDF; PDF listing; Atlanta, Philadelphia, Minneapolis; PDF job reposting ; Job repostings on same page as news reports of fraud PDF.

-Victim, Jan. 6 from Maine, MACROCOMMERCE Ad

Bank account numbers stolen, SSN. CareerBuilder notified by jobseeker of job scam.

-Victim, fired from job due to victimization by MACROCOMMERCE job fraud

CareerBuilder notified by jobseeker of job scam.

January 8; job reposting of Macrocommerce

MACROCOMMERCE reposted at CareerBuilder -Minneapolis, Boca Raton, Kissimmee, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Lawrence, Massachusetts, Andover Massachusetts; PDF.

January 25; job reposting of Unk

UNK reposted at CareerBuilder – Kansas City; PDF.

January 26

Jobseeker email notifying World Privacy Forum of UNK ads exactly like MACROCOMMERCE showing up in Phoenix, AZ. (email)

February 1

ANTARES Antares Electronics, Inc. job ad makes first known appearance at CareerBuilder – Florida, Miami, Hollywood FL PDF

February 6

ANTARES posted at JobSpider – Salt Lake City PDF Miami, Cincinnati, Great Falls, Seattle PDF

February 12; job reposting of Unk

UNK reposted again at CareerBuilder – Baltimore; PDF; Atlanta, Maryland; PDF.

February 19; job reposting of Unk

UNK reposted again at Jobvertise – Huntington West VA; PDF; New Orleans; PDF.

March 10

ANTARES posted at MSN Careers- Ft. Lauderdale, Washington State; ANTARES posted at AOL Careerbuilder – Ft. Lauderdale, Philadelphia, Coral Springs PDF ANTARES posted at CareerBuilder – Miami, Hollywood FL, Brementon, Yolo PDF

May 19

ANTARES posted at CareerBuilder – Seattle, Sacramento, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Orlando, Hollywood FL, Miami, Merrillville IN PDF

May 20

ANTARES posted at CareerBuilder – Philadelphia PDF

May 21

ANTARES posted at Jobvertise — Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Sacramento, Seattle PDF

May 23

OMEGA Inc. posted at CareerBuilder — Salem, OR PDF (also email) PDF Job listed as “Beta,” contract comes back as “Omega Inc.”

May 24

ANTARES posted at CareerBuilder – Sacramento, Philadelphia PDF, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Elgin, Newark PDF | PDF

May 30

ANTARES posted at Jobvertise – Philadelphia PDF

June 2

-WPF Notified of UNK victim awaiting trial.

June 10

ANTARES Jobvertise – Detroit PDF

June 14

ANTARES – Dallas PDF BESTELECTRICS posted at CareerBuilder – Miami, San Francisco, Atlanta PDF

June 15

ANTARES posted at – Texas PDF ANTARES posted at – Texas PDF listing only

June 16

ANTARES posted at – Texas PDF

June 16

BESTELECTRICS posted at Jobvertise — New York City, San Francisco, Miami PDF

July 1

ANTARES posted at – Texas PDF ANTARES posted at – Dallas PDF

July 3; job reposting of Macrocommerce

ANTARES found actively posted at Jobvertise PDF – Detroit, Philadelphia, Seattle, Sacramento PDF

BEST ELECTRONICS actively posted at Jobvertise PDF

MACROCOMMERCE actively posted at Jobvertise-powered site – San Francisco, Indianapolis, Orlando, Dallas, Atlanta PDF

As of July 3 this scam was still operational. ANTARES Jobs were posted on in Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, and Dallas. Other known job sites posting the ANTARES job ad include: , , , ,, (College Grad Job Hunter,, Other known sites that posted Unk Electronics jobs during this time frame:,,,


Known Contact Names used in Scam

Known contact names used in this scam include:

Chan Hoi Wo: (NANJING)

Wong Po Hang: (NANJING)


Thomas Becker: (MACROCOMMERCE)


Ral Fernando (UNK)

Andrew Stevenson (ANTARES) (ANTARES) (ANTARES)

Helmud Luigi (OMEGA Inc. )


Note on Corporate Name-jacking

Antares Electronics Ltd. is the name of a legitimate company, as is Antares Technology Solutions. There may be other legitimate companies using the name “Antares.” It is an unfortunate fact of scams that the scammers steal company names or names very close to legitimate companies in order to appear “safe.” Additionally, Nanjing Panda is a legitimate company. Note that the scam company name was spelled very similarly to the real company name: Nanjing Panada is the scam spelling— there is an “a” added into the name to confuse job seekers.

At the time this report was published, listed jobs from the real Antares employers. As of the last date checked, July 7, 2004, these jobs are not from fraudulent companies.



Roadmap: A Year in the Life of an Online Job Scam – A Longitudinal Study: IV. Timeline: The Evolution of a Job Scam


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