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Searching for a job requires a balance between keeping the right information private and circulating your information to the right employers. Job searching has never been easy, but in the era of Internet job searching, keeping a balance has become more challenging. The World Privacy Forum has researched and published key documents about job searching and privacy.


Resume Privacy

CONSUMER TIPS: 12 Truths about Posting a Resume

Read this popular consumer guide before you post your resume online. Updated regularly.

It is important to circulate a resume when looking for work, but these days criminals and identity thieves are all too interested in finding and using resumes for all the wrong reasons. In the information economy, your resume has a “street value.” It’s sad to say, but unfortunately your name, home address, telephone number, even your detailed work history can have value to identity thieves and fraudsters. It is also important to protect your resume from people and businesses who want to use it primarily to make a profit instead of primarily to help you find employment.

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Privacy guide to online job sites

CONSUMER TIPS: Consumer’s Guide to Job Search Sites

This is a privacy-focused guide to the top online job sites. Updated in 2009.

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Applying for jobs at Kiosks

REPORT: Job Application Kiosks: Why is there less privacy for retail workers?

If you have to apply for a job at a kiosk, this WPF report from 2003 may be helpful.

Employment kiosks – small, mobile ATM-like booths – are increasingly being used for screening job applicants. The booths are typically located in malls and at the front sections of retail stores. The booths allow job candidates to pull up a chair, answer a series of detailed questions, and apply for work in about an hour. No muss, no fuss, and no resumes are needed to apply.

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