Interview: Pam Dixon On Air with Gerri Willis of Fox News

May 21, 2013



Pam Dixon spoke about medical identity theft in a segment on Fox National with Gerri Willis. “This is a crime that has the potential to harm its victims profoundly,” said Pam Dixon. “It’s important to continue to let people know this crime exists, and what steps to take to prevent harm.”

The interview is available on Fox here:

Key tips for consumers include:

Based on some of the cases of medical identity theft that have come to light, here is some information specifically tailored to victims of medical identity theft, and to those who would like to take preventive steps.

  • Closely monitor any “Explanation of Benefits” sent by an public or private health insurer
  • Pro-actively request a listing of benefits from your health insurers
  • Request a copy of current medical files from each health care provider
  • File a police report
  • Correct erroneous and false information in your file
  • Keep an eye on your credit report
  • Request an accounting of disclosures

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