News Release: Updated Top Ten Opt Outs

August 15, 2013 


WPF Announces Updated Consumer Opt-Out Resource

The World Privacy Forum is delighted to publish a new version of our Top Ten Opt Outs, a highly popular consumer resource online. We have continually published this guide for over xxx years. It has changed over time, as social media opt outs didn’t exist when we first wrote the guide.

The guide also contains crucially important financial opt outs for consumers. “While many people have heard about how to adjust their Facebook settings, many fewer have heard that they can opt out of pre-screened offers of credit and other financial opt outs,” said Pam Dixon. “Some of these are quite important over the long term.”

The new guide is available at 


The Top Ten Opt Outs are:

1. National Do Not Call Registry

2. Prescreened offers of credit and insurance

3. DMA opt outs

4. Financial institution opt outs


6. Credit freeze


8. Data broker opt outs

9. Internet portal opt outs

10. Advertising opt outs, including RapLeaf and NAI


For more information, contact the World Privacy Forum at 760-712-4281.