India Update: Talk, National Law University, New Delhi India


Chinmayi Arun, Research Director, Centre for Communication Governance, National Law University, Delhi, and Deepali Liberhan, Pam Dixon, and legal scholars on the grounds of the University, April 2014.


India Update

I was honored to address students at the National Law University, Delhi this past week about privacy in the US and global privacy trends and issues. The talk included a Q and A session, during which the students engaged in a spirited conversation about US policies regarding surveillance and privacy. I enjoyed the session thoroughly. The students asked challenging questions in particular about telecommunications policies and the idea of safety versus privacy and achieving proper balance.

During my time at the University, I had the honor of meeting with Vice-Chancellor Dr. Ranbir Singh, who gave me a beautifully bound copy of the Indian Constitution. It will be a treasure in my library. Chinmayi Arun, Research Director, Centre for Communication Governance, National Law University, Delhi was my gracious host for this event — she arranged both the event and a spectacular meal afterwards. Deepali Liberhan of Facebook India attended the talk and helped me arrive from door to door smoothly, which is a feat for a newcomer like me in a city as large and as complex as New Delhi.

Thank you to my gracious hosts, the University, Deepali, and the students and scholars for making this event happen so beautifully.

— Pam Dixon, Executive Director