World Privacy Forum in the news – update

News Update, Summer 2014


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SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS06 August 2014, Blue Cross, Blue Shield team up to create huge medical records data base, Tracy Seipel.

CONTRA COSTA TIMES, 06 August 2014, Blue Cross, Blue Shield team up to create huge medical records data base, Tracy Seipel.

KIPLINGER05 August 2014, Retailers tracking your cell phone signals, Miriam Cross.

LOS ANGELES TIMES05 August 2014, Online medical records coming, Tim Logan, Stuart Pfeifer.

Deutsch-Tuerkische-Nachrichten27 July 2014, Mit Chip zum Sport: Gesunde zahlen weniger Versicherung.

COMMUNICATIONS DAILY25 July 2014, Open source code gives data collection, use notification for consumers, Cory Bennett.

BUSINESS INSIDER09 July 2014, How your doctor and insurer will know your secrets, even if you never tell them, Katie Jennings.

HENDRICKS COUNTY FLYER19 July 2014, Critics push specious privacy pitch.

CSO15 July 2014, Wearables: Are we handing more tools to Big Brother? Taylor Amerding.

POLITICO13 July 2014, Electronic health records ripe for theft, David Pittman.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER07 July 2014, Millions of electronic medical records breached, Ronald Campbell and Deborah Schoch.

MONEY MORNING03 July 2014, Facebook’s “experiment” is one more freedom slipping away, Shah Gilani.

WALLSTREETCHEATSHEET01 July 2014, Data policy implicates unethical Facebook emotion experiement, Jess Bolluyt.

CURVED01 July 2014, Facebook: Heimliche Studie ohne ausdruckliche Erlaubnis.

POLITICO01 July 2014, Experts: Health records hack coming, David Pittman.

FORBES30 June 2014, Facebook added “research” to user agreement 4 months after emotion manipulations study, Kashmir Hill.

CREDITCARDS.COM27 June 2014, Do predictive scores violate your privacy? Kelly Dilworth.

GOVERNMENT HEALTH IT24 June 2014, Could big data become big brother? Diana Manos.

FORBES20 June 2014, Why a San Francisco coffee shop stopped tracking cutomers’ phones, Kashmir Hill.

FORBES19 June 2014, Get ready for wearable tech to plug into health insurance, Parmy Olson.

BOBSULLIVAN18 June 2014, Nine surprising ways identity theft can hurt you, Bob Sullivan.

THE HILL02 June 2014, Privacy advocates eye new Apple feautres, Kate Tummarello.

CNN WIRE, 01 June 2014, Stop big data from getting your health information, Melanie Hicken.

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