Video: Can I delete my files from a Health Information Exchange?

This video is part 7 of a 14-part WPF video series on health privacy and health information exchanges

I just found out my health records have been exchanged in a Health Information Exchange. I want to delete that information — can I do this? Can I ask?

You can certainly ask to have your records deleted, but it may not be that easy. After a health record has been created and exchanged via an HIE, how your record is managed in that HIE is going to vary considerably. But generally speaking, it is rare for any health care provider to outright delete a health file. Health providers often will keep a record for a minimum of 7 years for insurance and other purposes.

That being said, some HIEs will allow you to opt-out of sharing or exchanging your files in the HIE. As part of that, you can make a request for record removal from the HIE itself. Some HIEs will allow this.

Other HIEs will not allow an opt-out, and some HIEs will not facilitate any record removal whatsoever. Remember that an HIE is an organization that facilitates record sharing among health care providers for treatment purposes. The health care provider where you received treatment will retain a copy of your health file, even if you do have the ability to remove your record from an HIE.

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