Video: Does my doctor share my records in an HIE?

This video is part 9 of a 14-part video series on health privacy and health information exchanges

Video: Now that I know about health information exchanges, how do I know if my doctor or hospital is sharing my information?

Not all health files are automatically exchanged in HIEs. To find out if your doctor or other health care provider is sharing your records in an HIE, you will need to request a privacy policy or Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) from the health care provider who is treating you. Look for these kinds of terms in the policy:

  • Participant in an exchange
  • Facilitate electronic sharing
  • Electronic transfer of protected health information
  • Health Information Exchange

At larger hospitals or clinics, it is also helpful to ask a medical records manager if there is an electronic records exchange or HIE in place. In some cases, there will be an extra privacy notice just for the exchange itself. We know of at least one HIE that is scheduled to be operated by insurers, so be sure to ask your health plan if it is participating in an HIE or sharing your claims data in an HIE.

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