Video: A Sensor you can Swallow (CES 2015, interview)

This video is part of our Health Technology series which explores emerging and important health technologies 

Pills embedded with sensors that measure and report what is going on inside your body moment by moment are not the sole domain of imaginative science fiction writers anymore. This WPF video shows how current biosensors look and operate when they are in pill form. The pill sensors highlighted in this video are designed to be swallowed so they can then detect and report on a person’s body temperature to devices such as smart phones.

In this video, you can see what the pills look like, and hear more about how these pills function and how physicians use them from one of the companies making these pills.

We filmed this video at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show as part of our efforts to bring more information the newest technologies in the health space to the public.

Watch the video: A Sensor You Can Swallow (1:09) 

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Producer: Blake Hamilton

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