Report — US – EU Privacy Shield Analysis: Winners and Losers

The report US- EU Privacy Shield Analysis: Winners and Losers  was published April 6, 2016.

Report authors: Robert Gellman and Pam Dixon

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The Analysis in Brief:

This substance of this analysis is about the new EU-US Privacy Shield, with contextual background and an analysis of how this new proposal compares to the old EU-US Safe Harbor agreement. The analysis includes a discussion of winners and losers in Privacy Shield, and discusses its potential future.

About the Authors:

Robert Gellman is a privacy and information policy consultant in Washington DC. ( Pam Dixon is the Founder and Executive Director of the World Privacy Forum and a privacy researcher. Gellman and Dixon are the authors of Online Privacy A Reference Handbook (ABC CLIO, 2011) as well as co-authors and authors of numerous and well-regarded privacy-focused research, articles, and analysis.

About the World Privacy Forum:

The World Privacy Forum is a non-profit public interest research and consumer education group focused on the research and analysis of privacy-related issues. The Forum was founded in 2003 and has published significant privacy research and policy studies in the area of health, online and technical privacy issues, self-regulation, financial, identity, and biometrics among other areas. WPF has testified before Congress, and is featured frequently in the press on privacy-related issues. For more information please visit


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