ED Pam Dixon named as Top 100 Influencer in Identity

Feb. 15, 2019: WPF Executive Director Pam Dixon was named as a Top 100 Influencer in Identity by One World Identity. OWI describes the list as including the “Top 100 people to know in 2019: pioneers who are leading the charge to improve identity. The list ranges from individual entrepreneurs to members of large organizations, and covers both public sector and non-profit advocates.”

“I am honored to have a spot on this list,” said Dixon. “And I will be working hard to ensure that indeed, my work does improve identity. There is particularly significant work yet to be done in privacy and identity, so let’s check back in one year to gauge improvements.”

OWI Top 100 Influencers in Identity: https://oneworldidentity.com/influential-people-2019/#p

WPF Digital Identity Ecosystems paper, presented at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center (PDF, 10 pages)