US Government 20th Joint Assessment Report, AG Guidelines, and more

There are many transparency documents that have been published relating to the US Intelligence Community. There are new updates to several key documents, which we have listed and linked below. While admittedly dense reading, these are key privacy-related documents relevant to US Government operations and activities and taken together, are an important resource.

January 2021 Updates

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence issued Attorney General-approved procedures tailored specifically to ODNI. Typically called “AG Guidelines,” the Guidelines are an indispensable tool for understanding the specific rules governing ODNI activities.

ODNI AG-approved procedures (AG Guidelines for ODNI).

March 2021 Updates

The AG Guidelines document linked below contains an important chart with links to the various Attorney General Guidelines for each intelligence element. For example, there are AG Guidelines for the FBI, for the NSA, for the Department of Defense, and so on. Each intelligence unit, or element, has its own distinct guidelines, which may be found linked in the chart.

Attorney General Guidelines for each Intelligence Community Element   (AG Guidelines)

The IC On the Record Guide rounds up a variety of key intelligence documents relating to transparency, privacy, and compliance. The reports of the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board (PCLOB) are linked here, as are querying procedures and various white papers, including a white paper regarding the Schrems II decision in Europe in regards to Section 702.

IC On the Record Guide to Posted Documents     (Guide to Posted Documents)

April 2021 Updates

The Joint Assessment is a semi-annual assessment that describes the measures that the US Government has taken to comply with Section 702 procedures. The assessment includes analysis about errors and mitigations taken thus far to correct those errors.

20th Joint Assessment of the FISA Section 702 Program (20th Joint Assessment)