WPF mini documentary on challenges in ID systems – in collaboration with ID4Africa

WPF launched a mini-documentary about problems in identity systems on 17 November, 2021 in collaboration with ID4Africa. Digital identity systems are generally accepted as positive tools for social good. Nevertheless, they can pose several dangers and cause significant concerns. This mini-documentary takes viewers on a tour around the world to hear from real people as they interact with identity systems in their own country, in their region.

The question we have asked on this tour is: “What are the key problems you see in identity systems in your region?”

Listen to these vibrant voices from the field and hear what they have to say in response to this question.

Link: https://id4africa.com/livecast-ep23-the-dark-side-of-identity-mitigating-the-risks/

Narrated by: WPF Executive Director, Pam Dixon

Interviews with:

(in order of appearance) 

Nanjala Nyabola, Writer, researcher, policy analyst, and recipient of the 2021 Stanford digital civil liberties, Kenya 

Fauzia Viqar, Gender and inclusion advisor and policy expert, Pakistan 

Valeria Milanes, Executive Director, Asociación por los Derechos Civiles, Argentina 

Kay Turner, Senior Counselor to Director of FinCEN,  Department of the Treasury, United States 

Anirban Sen, LL.M., Master of Laws and Attorney, India. 

Wurie Mamadu Tamba Barrie, Chief Country Coordinator, Network AID, Sierra Leone

Aden Farah, Garissa resident, Kenya

Habiba Abdi, Nairobi resident, Kenya

With Thanks To: This video is produced by WPF in association with ID4Africa. We thank the talented team at ID4Africa for all of their counsel and assistance. Thank you to each interviewee, and to Namati.org.