WPF joins OECD Expert Group on Cross-Border Cooperation

The World Privacy Forum has been selected as a civil society delegate for the OECD Expert Group that will be revising the Recommendation on Cross-Border Enforcement of Laws Protecting Privacy. WPF is a delegate on behalf of CSISAC (CSISAC is the formal Civil society stakeholder group at OECD).

The original OECD Recommendation was published and ratified in 2007, and is available here:  https://www.oecd.org/digital/ieconomy/oecdrecommendationoncross-borderco-operationintheenforcementoflawsprotectingprivacy.htm

The Expert Group meetings are closed, however, WPF will provide notice of the meetings and as the relevant OECD classified material is made public, WPF will post it in our Cross-Border category. The first meeting of the Expert Group occurred on 7 June, 2022.


OECD 1st Expert Group meeting on the 2007 Recommendation of the Council on Cross – Border Cooperation in the Enforcement of Laws Protecting Privacy 

7 June 2022 

2-3:30 pm, CET