Civil20 and G20 Dialogue, WPF health privacy intervention

What: C20 Dialogue with the G20 Sherpa 

WPF is participating in the Civil20 Working Group in the series of meetings culminating in the G20 meetings to be held in Rome, Italy in October 2021. In this meeting, WPF made an intervention regarding health privacy.

WPF statement: 

“Accurate, timely, secure, and trustworthy health information ecosystems are essential to end this pandemic and help prevent the next one. Fair and non-biased health data governance, privacy, cybersecurity, and data equity needs to be on the agenda, as it is part of the inner workings of a both health equity and a healthy data ecosystem, without which it will be difficult to make progress on the complex health challenges we all face.”

When: 20 July 2021

Where: Rome, Italy and virtual

Who: C20 members, G20 Sherpa


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