ID4Africa, Spotlight on Unique Digital Identity Numbers

WPF Executive Director Pam Dixon participated as a community member in the ID4Africa Livecast July 23, 2020. The livecast was moderated by ID4Africa Chairman Joseph Atick.

From ID4Africa:

Spotlight on Unique ID Numbers 

Ongoing debates surrounding Unique Digital Identity Numbers have in recent months been driven to the forefront of Africa’s identity agenda as governments hasten to establish digital identities that can deliver services remotely in response to the COVID pandemic. But what are the urgent concerns that must be addressed in the short term to ensure their effective and responsible use in next-generation identity programs over time?

In this LiveCast episode, ID4Africa Executive Chairman, Dr. Joseph Atick, engages with a lineup of experts – as well as members of the public – who present their views on the issues concerning unique digital ID numbers.


Pam Dixon’s segment begins at 1:42



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