Nairobi, Kenya — National Association of African Data Protection Authorities Conference, WPF panelist

WPF’s Executive Director Pam Dixon will be speaking at the 2024 gathering of African Data Protection Authorities (NADPA /RAPDP in Nairobi, Kenya. The panel Dixon is speaking on is regarding children and online privacy, particularly in regards to social media risks.

From the website:

The NADPA-RAPDP AGM & Conference is an annual gathering of data protection authorities, sector decision-makers, businesses as well as investors and multinational executives operating around Africa and beyond. This 9th meeting is themed “Promoting Regional Data Governance for Digital Transformation “, to be hosted in Nairobi-Kenya on 07 – 09 May 2024.

Digitisation is shaping the 21st century: not only in terms of new technology, but also in terms of our information environment’s culture. These transformations have a significant impact on our societies. Several recently published global reports underline the importance of the knowledge on how to cope with the changes, the need to observe privacy, and the related role of regional collaboration to enhance data protection.

Objectives of NADPA-RAPDP

  • to provide a platform for exchanges and to promote cooperation between its members, making Africa’s voice heard in its dealings with global partners on matters relating to personal data protection
  • hosts annual international conferences, on a rotational basis focusing on emerging issues on Data Protection
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