OECD.AI Expert Group on AI Futures: Inaugural meeting

The first meeting of the OECD.AI Expert Group on AI Futures will be meeting 13 July from 5 – 6:30 pm (GMT +2).

Stuart Russell, Francesca Rossi, and Michael Schoenstein are co-chairing the new group. WPF’s Executive Director Pam Dixon has been invited to join the group and will be participating in the inaugural meeting.

From the concept note for the group:

“While Artificial Intelligence (AI) policy discussions often cover existing AI challenges, the long-term implications of rapidly advancing AI systems remain largely unknown. Experts raise a wide range of potential future risks from AI, some of which are already manifesting in various ways. These potential risks include bias, discrimination, surveillance, lack of accountability, untrustworthy AI systems deployed in critical infrastructure, job displacement, and mass manipulation, among others. More generally, many experts are concerned about the ability to ensure increasingly general AI systems are safe and aligned with human values, prevent the misuse of advanced AI systems, and address other negative societal impacts. Future benefits of AI may be just as great, with the potential to address complex issues, improve health and education outcomes, and accelerate scientific progress. Future-focused activities, such as strategic foresight exercises, are critical to better understand AI’s possible long-term impacts and proactively seize potential benefits and manage prospective risks to avoid future harm.
The OECD Expert Group on AI Futures aims to address these challenges by providing insights into the possible futures of AI and equipping governments with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop forward-looking AI policies. More specifically, the group provides insights on:
  • Key milestones for possible future developments in advanced AI systems.
  • Potential medium to long-term benefits and risks of AI.
  • Suggested policy approaches and solutions to actively shape plausible AI futures to maximise benefits and mitigate risk.
  • Future trajectories and considerations for present-day AI systems, such as generative AI.
  • Best practices in AI safety. …..”

The discussions, papers, and outputs of the group will be made available publicly for comment from any member of the public.

For more information about the group, and to check for updates, please see https://oecd.ai/en/wonk/futures.

For a list of group members, see the membership page.



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