OECD Digital Economy Ministerial Meeting

The World Privacy Forum with ADC have been designated as the Civil Society Heads of Delegation for the OECD Ministerial. Pam Dixon, Executive Director of WPF and Valeria Milanes, Executive Director of ADC will be the delegates on site in Gran Canaria.

For this event, WPF and ADC have collaborated on a global research project exploring the Twin Transition. At the Ministerial, we will be presenting this original research incorporating views from the global south and north.

Activities: Civil Society at OECD (CSISAC) is presenting a “Day Zero” event for members of civil society. We will be hosting a meeting with the civil society delegation at OECD, a roundtable on AI, a roundtable on the Twin Transition, and we will be participating in a full day’s activities with stakeholders.

During the Ministerial, Pam Dixon will be speaking about digitalization and its impacts in a plenary session, and will be representing civil society as a delegate to the Ministerial meetings.

December 12: Civil Society Delegates Meeting and meeting with Spanish civil society

December 13: Day Zero, Civil Society panels and roundtables

December 14-15: Ministerial

December 16: CDEP meeting for delegates

We will be posting materials related to the Ministerial on WPF. For more information, see the extensive OECD Digital Ministerial Materials, which also include video archives of the two civil society roundtables at the Ministerial.

OECD Digital Economy Ministerial: Main page with agenda, bios, replays 

OECD Digital Economy Ministerial Press Release 


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