Privacy and Access 20/20, Conference of Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, WPF speaking on Big Data

Pam Dixon will be speaking at the The Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia’s conference in Vancouver, Canada on Thursday, Nov. 12 at 3:45 pm. Dixon will be speaking about big data and privacy in a debate format with Deputy Minister of Technology John Jacobson moderating. Dixon’s slide deck for the debate will be made available to conference attendees.

From the conference brochure:

The Big Data Debate – 3:45 pm

Big data has the potential to reveal insights into consumer behavior, improve health outcomes, and our quality of life. There is no question big data, coupled with advanced analytics, can generate value for businesses, consumers and society. But the use of big data also presents big challenges for privacy, including accountability for how the insights gained are ultimately used. This panel is framed as a debate: are privacy laws up to the challenge of big data, yes or no?

For conference venue and registration details, see the conference page. 

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