Symposium on Predictive Analytics

WPF’s Pam Dixon is a presenter at the Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Symposium on Predictive Analytics March 24. WPF’s role in the event is to discuss consumer scoring and The Scoring of America report, and discussion of Dixon’s recent research in AI and policy.

The panel WPF is joining is focused on different sectoral aspects of predictive analytics:

Panel: Predictive Analytics: Challenging Issues in Specific Private Sector Contexts
Pam Dixon, Founder and Executive Director, World Privacy Forum
Nathan Cortez, Associate Dean for Research, Gerald J. Ford Research Fellow, and the Adelfa Botello Callejo Endowed Professor of Law in Leadership and Latino Studies
Matt Bodie, Callis Family Professor of Law and Director, Master of Science in Human Resources Law Program, Center for Employment Law, St. Louis University School of Law

The full roster of participants and additional conference information is available at:

This fall, the I/S journal will be publishing articles from symposium participants.


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