WPF Executive Director to teach AI Policy for Policy Makers in the Developing World

WPF Executive Director Pam Dixon will be the lead teacher for a summer course at Carnegie Mellon University CEE-TP on Artificial Intelligence Governance, Safety, and Risk Assessment for Policy Makers. 

“It is a great honor to teach this course, and to share the knowledge I’ve earned from working with AI for many years, and from working in the development context on privacy, data ecosystems governance, research, health data, and identity ecosystems over the years. I’m looking forward to learning from each of the students, and hearing about their context regarding AI policy,” said Dixon.

The course will take place in Bangkok Thailand August 7-10, and will cover AI governance, policy, standards, normative principles, legislation, AI tools, and extensive analysis of these topics in the development context. New regulatory proposals regarding generative forms of AI will be analyzed thoroughly, and students will have opportunities for in-depth discussions throughout.

The course will also include an introduction to machine learning and deep learning, and generally, machine learning thinking.


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