Job Application Kiosks: Introduction to the Kiosk Issue

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In order to have a meaningful privacy discussion about kiosk issues, it is important to first address some general questions.

1. What companies are using kiosks to screen applicants, and how many kiosks are currently deployed?

Retailers, county and city workforce development centers, staffing firms, and other employers have deployed kiosks. Briefly, by way of example:

• Blockbuster deployed an estimated 4,000 employment kiosks in the year 2000. • Albertson’s deployed an estimated 2,300 kiosks across its retails stores in Feb., 2003.

• Sports Authority has deployed kiosks in its retail stores nationwide.
• Sears has employment kiosks in its retail stores.
• JobView has deployed at least 200 kiosks.
• Adecco has had at least 50 “jobshop” employment kiosks nationwide.
• Los Angeles County has deployed at least 13 job kiosks.
• Dallas Fort Worth has 40 job kiosks deployed through the DFW employment centers.

According to Kiosk Magazine, as of 2003, an estimated 350,000 kiosks of all types are installed worldwide. In the U.S., the installation base is an estimated 125,000 total kiosks. One kiosk costs approximately $35,000 and up.

2. Why are kiosks starting to become a standard for job application in retail stores?

Proprietary skill and personality testing is being sold as a way to dramatically reduce retail turnover, and touch screen kiosks are being sold as one of the easiest ways to deploy this testing for applicants. Another factor pushing adoption is the instant background check capabilities of the kiosk systems, which appeals to employers concerned about security.

3. What companies are involved in providing services to this market?

Among the companies providing hardware, software, and proprietary testing services in this market are ERI, NCR (EasyPoint Employment Kiosks) and Unicru. ChoicePoint is among the Consumer Reporting Agencies providing background checking services for kiosk service providers.

4. How does the kiosk application process relate to retailers’ other application processes?

After testing the kiosk systems, researchers found that in many cases, the kiosk precisely mirrors the online or Web application system of the retail store where the kiosk is located.



Roadmap: Job Application Kiosks – Why is there less privacy for retail workers?: A. Introduction to the Kiosk Issue


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