News Release: WPF Discusses Data Brokers’ Techniques and the Results With CNN

April 18, 2013


Do you give your zip code to retailers when you buy something? Think twice before you blurt out “90210.”

WPF’s Pam Dixon spoke to Melanie Hicken of CNN Money about data brokers and how our actions and habits define us, and potentially, can shape some of our opportunities — and not always in good ways. Dixon is quoted in two articles that reveal data broker techniques. Hicken’s article, What Type of Consumer are You? Is an excellent look at how data brokers — companies that purchase copious amounts of consumer data and analyze it —  categorize people based on their habits. “Consumers are put into a box of activities that can stereotype them financially and otherwise,” said Pam Dixon. “If people are given or not given opportunities based on these data broker-driven stereotypes, that is a problem.”

Dixon also spoke to Melanie Hicken about why it is important to not give your zip code to retailers when they ask you for it — it can and is used to link your purchases to a great deal of other information that may come as big surprise to you. Here’s more on that, What Your Zip Code Reveals About You. Melanie Hicken is a reporter who has been doing original and very good reporting on how data brokers impact the everyday lives of consumers.


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